"AYO" is a Yoruba word that means "Joyful" and a Spanish word that means "Teacher". AYO! AYO! – A Joyful Journey for Jesus’ Disciples – is designed and purposed to lead you into God’s Presence through prayerful meditation and equip you to hear, record and heed the instructions provided by the Holy Spirit, our Joyful Teacher. While utilizing variedpractices which include physical movements, you are provided an opportunity for relaxation, stress re-education and relief of muscular tension. Coupled with the recitation of the Spiritual Unveiled Truths of Righteousness in the Anointing (SUTRA) and/or the JESUS SAYINGS (scriptural words spoken by Jesus), our Certified Instructors will lead you on a 60-MIN journey to edify your spirit, mind and body. As a result, joy is realized as you yield the fruit of obedience, the anointing to live a holy life (Psalm 16:11, NCV). For further information, visit HERE.