On SEPTEMBER 7, 2015, Founder Lucas officially launched "The GOD Exponent" sponsored by Daughters of Destiny International and its entities. Its purpose is to ring the spiritual bells for the upright generation to live uncommon increase to the GOD power daily! From September 1-7, we believed God for seventy (70) households to be in agreement with us. Why seventy (70)? Well, it is a prophetic number that symbolizes perfect, spiritual order carried out with all spiritual power and significance. As such, we readied ourselves for faith-shifting, increase-shifting power that will be evidenced as fruit from our upright lips and holy intentions. As Jesus Christ said to the hemorrhaging woman in Mark 5, who planned and timed her own miracle in verses twenty-five (25) through thirty-four (34), so it will be with us: OUR FAITH will make us whole! Upon prayer and a divine release, we invite you to join us in the global connection of households professing The GOD Exponent. When released by God, please join us by going HERE.