This ministry component of DAUGHTERS OF DESTINY INTERNATIONAL was established in 2009 to ensure Christian girls/women and their families procure essential teaching to embrace life and foster liberty through such.

Each student must endeavor to acknowledge what is vital and detrimental to effective spiritual development. Within the auspices of the MYDODINTL Virtual Training Center, students are empowered with the tools necessary to live by God's Design for their lives despite the signs of the season and the climate of their circumstances.

We, Daughters of Destiny International, believe life is where one's divine destiny begins and ends. Where there is life, there is an opportunity to live. It is with that belief that we strive to assist others in living-out their purpose and power God's Way. God's Way fulfills destiny every day.

We are hopeful that your journey with us will allow you to do such, while making a godly mark that cannot be erased. We encourage you to choose life and to have life more abundantly.